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    Kalamazoo Accounting Services

    Lockwood offers Kalamazoo accounting services for small businesses and independent contractors so you don’t have to worry about taking care of your books.

    Serving Southwest Michigan.

    Types of Business Lockwood Serves

    Sole Proprietors & Independent Contractors

    Lockwood can help sole proprietors and independent contractors manage their financial documents and quarterly tax payments so they have more time to make their business great.

    Churches & Non-Profit Organizations

    Lockwood has experience assisting churches, non-profits and other 501's with their record-keeping so they can focus on serving the community.


    If you operate a small business with a partner Lockwood can help all the parties involved maintain a clear understanding of business operations.

    Corporations and Limited Liability Companies

    S-Corps or Limited Liability Companies can benefit from Lockwood's services. Or, if you've a small business we can help with the process of becoming a LLC.

    Accounting Services Lockwood Offers

    General Ledger Preparation

    Posting and preparing of assets, liabilities, income, expense and capital accounts.

    Business Entity Selection

    Helping you figure out what form of business entity to establish and how it will affect your tax burden.


    Lockwood can help small businesses maintain and operate their companies payroll.

    Financial Statement Preparation

    Generating balance sheets, income statements and closing entries for your businesses financial records and books.

    Tax Planning

    Determining how much from your earnings you need to withhold for taxes, applicable deductions and if you should make quarterly payments to the IRS.

    Benefit Planning

    We can help your busines step-up individual retirement funds, company 401k's, and other employee incentive programs.

    Additional Services

    Tax Preparation

    Lockwood's been providing tax preparation services for individuals, families and small businesses for decades. See how we can help with tax preparing and filing.

    Financial Advising

    Get assistance planning and maintaining your investments, retirement savings accounts, education savings accountants and financial planning.

    About Lockwood

    Lockwood offers Kalamazoo accounting services, bookkeeping services, and tax preparation services for individuals, independent contractors and small businesses.

    Serving West Michigan with offices in Kalamazoo.

    Why Choose Lockwood


    We've been providing affordable accounting and bookkeeping services for decades.


    Lockwood takes pride in providing professional and dependable services for small business owners.


    Serving the greater West Michigan community. A Kalamazoo Accounting firm located at 5659 W. Michigan Ave. Kalamazoo, MI 49009.

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    Kalamazoo Accounting Lockwood Map